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The absolute quantity of data generated everyday exceeds the demand of Big Data Professionals and Data Scientist to manage and analyze the data followed by Cloud Computing Professionals for easy data collaboration.

With a job score of 4.8 out of 5 professionals and with a median base salary approximately of $110,000. A Data scientist job remains as the top job in America with a shortage of 2,720,000 professionals and followed by other technology jobs.

With CRM in the rise of cloud computing professional's jumping 50% in 2017 with a strong growth ahead. Amazon, EMC, Microsoft, Azure, Google have advertised as the largest number of cloud computing jobs in the last twelve months.

The threat that hackers are posing into take control, after analyzing the root cause of the increasing cyber-attacks is the severe number of talent shortage of skilled professionals to defend us from those attacks. Now every business organization is implementing dedicated security professionals to continuously improve and test the integrity of the organization’s network from being penetrated from the outside. Ethical Hacking courses have been listed as a high-paying career alternative,
that don’t require a Bachelor's Degree to work as professional.
All you need is the interest questioning mind of how technology works.

Data Scientist

Learn and master with us:
DATA SCIENCE and MACHINE LEARNING with leading R and Pyton tools.

Cloud Computing

Create the change :
How computer works around.

Ethical Hacking Countermeasures

Learn the concepts of Ethical Hacking and shield yourself from any loss.

Data Scientist: Course Outline

Analytics for everyone
Big Data Analytics
Data Science
R Fundamentals
Machine Learning
Machine Learning : Natural Language Processing

Cloud Computing: Course Outline

Salesforce for Beginners
Salesforce Advance Course Content

Ethical Hacking Countermeasures: Course Outline

Ethical Hacking Countermeasures - Part I
Ethical Hacking Countermeasures-Part II
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